Jefferson County TreasurerJim VanSteenberg

James “Moon” VanSteenberg

Jefferson County Treasurer

155 Main Street Rm. 212

Brookville, Pa. 15825


My Office is open from 8:30 AM until 4:30 Pm.  WE ARE NOT CLOSED OVER THE LUNCH HOUR.

I have been your County Treasurer since 2006. I am honored to serve the residents of Jefferson County in this capacity. I have worked hard to bring my 35 plus years of Business experience to my Office. This has enabled me to be more efficient and productive in running the Treasurer’s Office. Something that is lacking in today’s society. I am the 9th generation of my family to live and work in Jefferson County. My 4th Great Grandfather founded Brookville and was elected as the Counties first constable in the 1820’s.

I have belonged to and been active in numerous local civic organizations. This is a part of my philosophy that you have to give back to your community and volunteering is the best way I know how.

I have worked hard to serve the citizens of the County. I have implemented bookkeeping practices in my Office that are shown to others all over the State as a learning tool. Our policies are used as guidelines to other Government entities on the same accounting system. These practices enable the County Audits to be done in a more efficient manor. This in turn saves the County much needed Tax Dollars.

We have extra Office hours over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend for our Military Folks. Sometimes we only get one or two but we also have had as many as 17 or 18. Either way, it makes a difference to these soldiers who don’t know if they can get leave until the last minute. It’s the least I can do for those who serve us!

When it comes to “Doe” licenses we go above and beyond for all Hunters. We do everything we can within the scope of the law to ensure “customer satisfaction”. We start at 7 in the morning by picking up the day’s envelopes for processing. By the end of the day we have put as many as 2,700 on the system. I don’t believe you will find any other County, even if they rent more machines, who will process this number of licenses in a single day. This makes sure our hunters receive the best chance of getting the license of their first choice. We call several hundred applicants each year correcting mistakes from the PALS System and their applications so they can get the” WMU” of their choice and the County can receive the revenue. We consider ourselves “hunter friendly” in Jefferson County. Hope you try us out.

I have implemented a dog licensing system that costs the County Taxpayers “zero” to operate. Again saving much needed Tax Dollars. It also has an online feature for those who want to purchase their tags from their homes. This also saves my office data entry time. It also has features for our Dog Wardens, 911 Dispatchers and local Police if they so choose to find and identify lost pets. Saving time and money and reuniting those lost pets with their owners much faster.

This same Computer System allows us to issue Hunter Pistol permits, SGOC and Bingo Licenses in a much more cost effective manor, again saving Tax Dollars.

I am always looking to do a chore more efficiently. This is good for all involved. I also like to say



Your Jefferson County Treasurer